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Advanced Blood Testing

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On-site blood tests

Glucose/Blood Sugar Levels/HbA1c/HIV

About P.B. Mthembi Medical Laboratories

Healthcare is for patients. Everything we do at P.B. Mthembi Medical Laboratories is done with an aim to help practitioners provide better treatment outcomes. We work closely with scientists and practitioners within and beyond our own laboratory to ensure that our tests have the highest scientific validity and clinical relevance possible.

These tests are backed by verified studies, and we constantly monitor various fields of medical research to incorporate the most up-to-date laboratory evaluations into our catalogue. Each test is designed to detect one or more particular functions, ranging from cardiovascular health to toxicity to gastrointestinal and metabolic functions. With this insight into the internal workings of the body, practitioners can diagnose with more certainty, intervene more effectively, and treat their patients with greater success.

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Dr Batlile Maseko – Research Specialist (HSRC)

A state of the art, modern medical diagnostic laboratory deploying cutting-edge techniques to deliver high quality output. This laboratory gives ‘Bringing Science Solutions to the Community’ a whole new meaning.

Riyaad Salasa – IT Monkey

The staff have extensive medical and ICT experience and having worked with key staff members on a world class lab implementation, I can attest that this lab represents the intersection of medical diagnostics and information technology.

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