About P.B. Mthembi Medical Laboratories

P.B. Mthembi Medical Laboratories is an independent Clinical Pathology service that is committed to good and professional laboratory practice. It has been formed as a private company, registered with the board of healthcare funders (BHF) and the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC). The laboratory was founded by P.B. Mthembi and is 100% black-owned. Its main aim is to excel in previously untouched entrepreneurial spaces. The lab offers clinical pathology services on-site and specialized services are outsourced to other facilities; however, these will be managed by P.B. Mthembi Medical Laboratories. Only facilities that offer a competitive quality service with a good turnaround time will be considered. Tests that are performed in-house have guaranteeing results within 12 hours.

P.B. Mthembi Medical Laboratories is located inside Mamelodi Gardens Health Clinic - which is home to a general practitioner, a dental practice, a psychology practice and an optometrist. Tests performed at our laboratory are backed by verified studies, and we constantly monitor various fields of medical research to incorporate the most up-to-date laboratory evaluations into our catalogue.

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More Info

It is P.B. Mthembi Medical Laboratories’ mission to serve their customers with fast, accurate, efficient, private and reasonably priced pathology services.
P.B. Mthembi Medical Laboratories exists to exceed all of their customers' expectations.

      • To gain 60% of the medical specimens testing work in Mamelodi (i.e. outside of the Medical Centre where P.B. Mthembi Medical Laboratories is based).
      • Develop 20% of the revenues from practices outside of Mamelodi.
      • Provide accurate, reliable and cost-effective diagnostic and monitoring pathology services to the physicians in and around Mamelodi (Tshwane).
        • Lease space at Mamelodi Gardens Health Clinic, the location of our primary target market.
        • Set up a strong contact and a relationship with a large local Laboratory to outsource the more specialized tests, ensuring fast service and good rates.
        • Follow a strict regime of accounting controls to help ensure profitability.