What We Offer

Full Blood Count

A complete test of white blood cell count (WBC), red blood cell count (RCC) and platelet count (PLT). Each of these can be ordered individually if needed.

Glucose/Blood Sugar Levels/HbA1c

This is a blood sugar test frequently requested for diabetics or possible diabetics.

Electrolyte testing

For patients who are on diuretics and there is a possibility that they may be losing too many of their electrolytes.

HIV Monitoring

To help monitor the effectiveness of treatment in patients on ARV treatment.

Urea & creatinine

Often used to check kidney functioning or to determine if there is heart or kidney problems.

Specialized Testing

Specialized tests not performed on-site will be referred to a partner facility.

Other Services

GeneXpert IV




Clinical Chemistry

Tests referred to another private Laboratory include, but not limited to:


Newborn Screening Laboratory


Molecular Biology

Metals Laboratory